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Foundation Chemistry

This course helps you into the first year of an undergraduate degree at Teesside University that includes level 3 chemistry as an entry requirement. You study atoms and molecules, bonding and chemical reactions, quantitative chemistry and basic organic chemistry.


Credits: 10, Level: 3


Course overview

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Where you study

Middlesbrough campus


Course details

What you study

Key chemical concepts
- atomic structure and the Periodic Table, electron configurations related to periodic properties
- chemical bonding
- acids, bases and calculation of pH values using [H+] concentrations
- Le Chatelier’s principle.

- definition of the property of Enthalpy and related calculations using Formation Enthalpies and Hess‘s Law.

Organic chemistry
- organic compounds: structure, nomenclature and structural isomerism
- polymerisation reactions: addition and condensation reactions.

Inorganic chemistry
- redox reactions and oxidation states
- chemistry of the main block.

How you are assessed

This assessment consists of an examination containing a series of short answer questions that cover the theoretical aspects of the course.


Entry requirements

Entry requirements

You are expected to have Grade C / 4 in GCSE or equivalent in science.



2024/25 entry

Fee for applicants:

  • Length: Credits: 10, Level: 3

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