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Sustainable Engineering Principles University Certificate in Professional Development

Learn the fundamentals, and importance, of sustainability and its engineering applications. You explore the properties of engineering materials, including the relationships between processing, structure, properties and performance, giving you an understanding of the factors which influence the suitability of materials for various engineering applications.


Course overview

The government has provided funding for this course, independent of any previous or current funding you may have for educational purposes. You can apply for short course funding if you are currently in education, or already qualified to degree, master’s or PhD level. If you are funding this course with a student loan you also need to meet student loan eligibility criteria. Find out more about short course loans

This course is part of a series to develop your skills in sustainable engineering, digital engineering, sustainable manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and process automation.

You develop the knowledge and skills needed by employers and the economy.

This course is ideal if you are:

  • a school or further education college leaver wanting to explore a subject before committing to a full degree
  • unemployed and wanting to develop skills to improve your employability
  • a teacher looking to refresh your knowledge in a subject, or to learn new skills
  • in work and your performance can be enhanced by learning new knowledge and skills
  • returning to education after a break
  • currently in higher education and would like to compliment your skillset with additional knowledge and skills.

If you are funding this course with a student loan you also need to meet student loan eligibility criteria.

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You can only enrol on one short course at a time.

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Course details

What you study

Explore the importance of sustainability and the fundamentals of sustainability in engineering. Foundational knowledge of the important properties of engineering materials is explored alongside a hands-on appreciation through lab-based practical sessions. Fundamental relationships between processing, structure, properties and performance is explored to highlight factors which influence the suitability of materials for various engineering applications.

Lectures introduce material properties of the four basic categories of engineering materials. Tutorial sessions and group exercises highlight the factors affecting the sustainability of materials for engineering applications. You undertake a number of laboratory-based practical to provide a hands-on appreciation of material properties.

How you learn

We work with you to establish your support needs to develop a personalised support plan. You can engage with assessments tasks and get feedback at regular points.

Weeks 1-10:
Each week:
One-hour recorded online lecture
Two-hours face-to-face class-based teaching (Wednesday 4.00pm - 6.00pm)
Two hours online classes (Thursday 6.00pm - 8.00pm)

Weeks 11-12:
Each week:
Two hours synchronous online classes (Thursday 6.00pm - 8.00pm)

How you are assessed

You are assessed on your subject knowledge, critical thinking and skills acquisition through coursework, practical work and assessments.


Entry requirements

Entry requirements

You must have completed a Level 3 qualification (or higher) and/or developed knowledge and skills in a STEM subject as well as Level 2 maths. We offer bridging courses to help develop the knowledge you may need to join this short course.



Career opportunities

Our short courses are developed with support from our industrial partners to meet the needs of employers.

They are ideal for you to build the skills employers look for, helping you to develop a new and successful career through one of the flexible learning options available.

Once you’ve completed your short course you could also apply to study a degree by transferring your eligible completed credits.



2024/25 entry

Fee for applicants:

Fee for international applicants: £4,670

  • Length: 12 weeks
  • Tuesday 6.00pm - 8.00pm (in person)
    Thursday 6.00pm - 8.00pm (online)
  • Start date: September or January

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