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Discover Teesside Art Residential

Discover Teesside Art Residential

  17 - 19 July 2024

Calling all illustrators, designers, fashionistas, artists and storytellers. Explore and create pieces of work using a range of experimental techniques. Learn how to mix inks, create characters, design spaces, create booklets and understand fashion styling techniques. If you have a flair for the creative and like to get hands-on come along to our residential, a gateway to the world of art and design.

You choose one stream from the following:

Comics and illustration
How can we tell a story? What are the different illustrative styles we can use? How do we convey meaning in our artwork? Join us to discover the fundamentals of illustration, composition and visual communication. Learn how to use lights, darks, weight and form to design a piece of work and use digital technologies to create a final illustration, or one page comic, to take home with you.

Wondering if a career in the fashion industry is right for you? Questions about where a degree in fashion might take you? Join us and explore blind styling, editorials, photography shoots, communication and networking in the industry, and meet former students and take part in fashion communication tasks. Dive into the world of fashion, understand what that could look like for you and discover the range of careers open to fashion graduates.

Fine art
We begin by taking a line for a walk in a drawing workshop, focussing on specially constructed still life composition. These drawings become a starting point for a series of print workshops, using specialist facilities that explore a range of different printing processes, from etching to the creation of cyanotypes that use light to make images. Work produced over the residential can be taken away and used in your future portfolios.

Graphic design
Embrace and ignite your creativity and push the boundaries of traditional typography by crafting your own bespoke typeface, which is then transformed into an animated GIF and beautifully printed zine. Access essential resources in the graphic design workshop including iMacs, Adobe Photoshop and the Riso duplicator, helping you transform ordinary objects into compelling letterforms. So join us to experiment and uncover the hidden design potential in everyday life.

Interior design
You explore creative design solutions for both public and interior spaces. Use your observational skills to analyse a situation on our campus and redesign how it could look and function to enhance the lives of the users of the space. Discuss your ideas, sketch your proposals, create three dimensional spatial models and also pitch your new scheme to an imaginary ‘client’ in order to inspire them. Begin to understand the way that designers think about problems and propose solutions.

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