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Student views

Susan Gooding

Susan Gooding

BA (Hons) Education and Training

Why Teesside?

The University is local and easily accessible for me. The college I attended has a close relationship with Teesside University and we were told how great it was when we started preparing our applications. The facilities looked amazing.

How was the course?

The way the course is taught is great. You have plenty of support, not only from the staff but from your classmates as well. You are encouraged to work independently so you apply the learning to issues and problems, but help is always there if needed.

Favourite aspect of the course?

I love the research you get to do. The lecturers give you an overview of the module and assignment and then you do your own research on the topic. It is a great way of independently learning about a range of issues that you might have skipped over. I love the autonomy of the course.

How are the modules?

The modules are engaging and really make you think critically. My favourite is Individual Practice Project. It allows you to choose a topic and create a piece of work on it. You go in-depth on a topic you are passionate about rather than something you are not.

What are you doing now?

I am teaching at Stockton Riverside College and my teaching has improved due to completing this course and will benefit me for many years to come. The BA (Hons) Education and Training course has opened my eyes to different types of teaching that I wouldn’t have known about if I hadn’t attended Teesside.