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Future of Work

The Centre for the Future of Work develops scientific research, innovation and commercial solutions to challenges presented by changing demographics and ways of working, the advancement and adoption of technologies, employee and organisational mobility, human behaviour and "soft" skills, and the changing distribution of the workforce.



Artificial intelligence, digitalisation, independent work, the gig economy and fissured work. Leadership in the workplace, including social corporate responsibility, ethical and green business practices, and future proofing.


Technology adoption, policy change (e.g. Brexit and employment law), gender and diversity and organisational ecosystems. Contemporary issues within workforce that affect talent development including stress, ingrained cultures and limited autonomy, and an aging workforce.


"Digital ready" to support remote collaboration, adaptation of work environments and performance post-pandemic.



Delivered through the Leadership and Sustainable Change Management and Productive People, Cultures and Relationships groups, the Centre's primary research themes are:

  • Leadership and Change Management
  • SMEs, Strategies and Corporate Ethics
  • Culture, Wellbeing and Employee Relations
  • Performance, Innovation & Labour Productivity
  • Talent Engagement, Management and Development

Thought Leadership on the Future of Work

Four-day working week

Dr Mansoor Soomro from the Centre for the Future of Work responds to the world's biggest four-day work week pilot project.

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