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Open day events
  • PG Café Presents - 'Climate change - something for everyone'

  • 26 January 2023

  • 6.00PM - 7.30PM

  • On campus, Middlesbrough Campus

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PG Café Presents - 'Climate change - something for everyone'

Closing date for registrations: 26 January 4.00pm

Join us on campus for the next instalment of our exciting PG Café Presents talks...

'Climate change - something for everyone'

The climate emergency is a threat which will require a bigger effort than any previously mounted by humankind if we are to avoid the most serious effects.
In this session, we will explain how that effort will depend on people who are studying in universities today, and highlight the many and varied disciplines that can contribute. These include (but are certainly not limited to) scientists and engineers, economics law and politics students, those in art and design, people in health professions.

The session will include a “Challenge the Speaker” spot, where the audience will be invited to suggest academic subjects which have no relevance to climate change, and the speaker will try to prove them wrong. There will also be a “Challenge the Audience” spot where attendees will be encouraged to find for themselves where study, research and activism in their discipline can contribute to a cooler, calmer future Earth, one that is affordable and sustainable and which has less inequality.

This event is ideal for anyone considering studying a masters degree.

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