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Sustainability and fashion - strike a pose
06 November 2024
Back to the drawing board - planning a career in illustrative and digital arts
27 November 2024
Interior design challenge
04 December 2024
Pencils and pixels - careers in creative and digital arts
On campus
05 February 2025



Speakers in Schools sessions

Our activities are aligned to fit with your curriculum and support your teaching in the classroom. If something doesn’t quite suit, or you have a specific request, please get in touch and we’ll work with you to develop an activity that meets your needs.



Students work outside, using natural materials and sunlight to Cyanotypes. A portable lightbox is available if the weather is not suitable.

How to be a comics artist in a multidisciplinary world

The practicing comic book artist is equipped to thrive and adapt in a multidisciplinary world. We highlight the skills students need including drawing, storytelling, character design, graphic design, background design, lettering, editing, publishing, concept art, and more.


Using drawing exercises based on simple still life and/or portraiture, students explore line and mark making and create mono-prints.

Taking a line for a walk

Students explore the idea of landscapes and journeys and use a combination of mono-printing, collage and posca pens/ fine liners to create a concertina book.

Working in illustration

From children's book illustration to editorial illustration and from animation to comics, a career in illustration is multifaceted, requiring experimentation with traditional drawing and printing techniques, whilst exploring the integration of digital tools.


Are my clothes wrecking the planet?

Fast fashion is damaging our planet, but what can we do about it ? We explore how the fabrics in our clothes are having a negative impact on the environment and how we can work together to make the fashion industry more sustainable for a better future.

Fashion collage with Sunday girl magazine

Not only do Fashion Communicators work digitally, they also get inspiration from print! Working alongside the editor-in-chief of Sunday Girl Magazine, students create a collage to illustrate a fashion brand’s identity. Expect to get stuck into the pages of glossies to find the gems for this task.

Interactive style challenge (with pop up editorial)

Fashion communication is the fastest growing area for the fashion industry. From styling to catwalk reporting, communicators of fashion are equipped to work in a variety of roles in the industry. Utilising the garments provided and working with layers, prints and textures, create a photoshoot ready look and capture it in the pop up studio.

Is AI revolutionising the fashion industry?

Students explore the future of fashion and how real and virtual worlds are converging to reduce waste and bring more diversity and inclusion to the consumer. AI generated virtual and hyper-realistic models of every body type, size, and skin tone are emerging in fashion marketing campaigns and virtual garments are reducing waste, bringing positive change to the fashion industry.

Interior design

The influence of an interior designer

We explore how interior designers influence the world we live in. We explore how buildings are designed to enhance the way you feel and act in different spaces and students create mood boards for a specific interior environment. Sessions can be tailored towards design for leisure, commerce, health and hospitality.

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