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Australian medical research grant success

01 April 2007 @TeesUniNews


Professor Robin Bunton has been awarded a visiting professor's grant from the prestigious Australian Raine Medical Research Foundation.

During a visit he spoke at the Australian Public Health Association conference in Perth and gave seminars in Western Australia. He developed collaborations in two areas of his research: genetics and Child Public Health. The grant will support a research visit in 2006 to extend collaboration with the Laboratory for Genetic Epidemiology but also with the other University of Western Australian research centres including: the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research, The School of Population Health, The School of Medicine and Pharmacology, The School of Paediatrics and Child Health, The Telethon Institute for Child Health Research, and the Lion’s Eye Institute. He will be working on bioethics, community outreach, and policy development.

The Laboratory for Genetic Epidemiology, led by Professor Lyle Palmer is at the cutting edge of international research in genetic epidemiology and has attracted numerous specialist international scholars - genetic statisticians, genetic epidemiologists, mathematicians, epidemiologists, bio-informaticists, molecular biologists, and social scientists all committed to developing ways of investigating human disease and ways of using genetic information to improve human health.

Its current work is in developing the Western Australian Genome Health Project, which will collect health data and a DNA sample from all consenting Western Australians. The ‘bio-bank’ will draw upon unique WA population-based health records to establish the best resource for human genetic research in the world, providing great promise internationally in human genetics, biotechnology and pharmaceutical development. Professor Bunton will be involved in the pilot study in 2006.