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November 2014

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Jasmin Gibson Combining work with study was key to Jasmin’s success
24 November 2014
Jasmin Gibson is forging a career in engineering after graduating from Teesside University.

Celebrating academic achievement at Teesside University
24 November 2014
Around 4,000 graduates will gather at Middlesbrough Town Hall to celebrate Teesside University’s annual academic awards ceremonies taking place from Monday 24 November to Tuesday 2 December.

Experimental exhibition unveiled
21 November 2014
A Teesside University Fine Art student and graduate are involved in a new experimental art exhibition, StaticFlux, which is popping up in unused office space in Middlesbrough.

Ruaridh Cuthbertson, Jade Jones, Jen Howse, Steph Blakeburn and Jack Crosby are all on the Teesside University Elite Athlete Scheme.Elite athletes are setting their sights high
20 November 2014
A host of talented athletes are hoping to maximise their potential after securing places on a unique training scheme at Teesside University.

Left to right: Paul Langley, Dr Ruben Pinedo-Cuenca and Fredrick OkwuteInternship helps to improve company’s efficiency
19 November 2014
A unique internship scheme offered by Teesside University is helping to make an engineering firm more efficient.

Building the foundations of successful careers
18 November 2014
Cecil M Yuill started work as a young chimney sweep before going on to build a hugely successful construction company – throughout his life he was committed to offering others the educational opportunities that he missed out on.

Payday loan changes could allow loan sharks to circle
17 November 2014
Changes to the payday loans market could drive desperate consumers straight into the arms of loan sharks – a Teesside University academic has warned.

Left to right: Femi Waters-Ajisafe, Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Corporate Programmes, Stephen Gibson, General Manager of Castle Grange Technologies, Josh Alexander and Joanne Hughff, Teesside University's Graduate Spark Project Manager.Internship scheme sees technology company increase profits
17 November 2014
A Teesside technology company which supplies and installs audio-visual equipment is increasing its sales thanks to a unique internship scheme run by Teesside University.

Simon Mckeown.Simon to share details about his latest project
13 November 2014
Teesside University lecturer and renowned international artist Simon Mckeown will unveil details about his latest project, Cork Ignite, at a special event in December.

Teesside animation crew’s role in epic film adventure
13 November 2014
Animation experts from Teesside University have played a major role in a new film about Apollo astronaut Gene Cernan’s epic journey into space.

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