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How Vesuvius claimed victims

New York Times, p.51, 28/01/2020
Two studies examined grim scenes left at a settlement devastated by the eruption.

A twist in the 2,000-year-old mystery of Herculaneum

The Atlantic, online, 26/01/2020
Scientists have long thought that the 340 victims of Mount Vesuvius died instantly. But a new analysis suggests they suffered from a slower demise.

Some Vesuvius victims "baked" for hours as they died, shocking find reveals

Fox News, online, 24/01/2020
The Roman city of Pompeii was devastated following the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, resulting in the deaths of approximately 2,000 people.

Vesuvius eruption baked some people to death and turned one brain to glass

National Geographic, online, 23/01/2020
When Mount Vesuvius unleashed its fury in A.D. 79, Herculaneum was just one of several towns smothered by ash and savaged by superheated volcanic avalanches.

Studies reveal gruesome last moments of Pompeii volcano's victims

Science magazine, online, 23/01/2020
Most of the Roman occupants of Herculaneum were doomed the moment Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 C.E.

Vesuvius victims may have had slower death than originally thought

Evening Telegraph, online, 23/01/2020
Some of those who died in the Mount Vesuvius eruption of AD 79 had a slower death than previously believed, according to new research

Hell in Herculaneum: Heat-damaged bones reveal residents of the Roman town were not instantly vaporised by Vesuvius but BAKED and suffocated to death in a blazing volcanic cloud as they hid in boathouses

This is Money, online, 23/01/2020; Mail Online, online, 23/01/2020
Residents of the Roman town of Herculaneum may not have been instantly vaporised by the Vesuvius eruption, but instead were baked and suffocated to death, a study has found.

Victims of Mount Vesuvius were "baked" alive in long and horrible deaths, new analysis shows

IFL Science, online, 23/01/2020
New forensic analysis suggests that many victims of Mount Vesuvius died an even more grisly and prolonged death than previously believed.

Learning from the lessons of history

North East Chamber of Commerce, online, 23/01/2020
A thought-provoking exhibition dedicated to the life of the teenage diarist and holocaust victim Anne Frank is being opened to the public later this month.

Research from Teesside University sheds new light on how Vesuvius victims died

North East Chamber of Commerce, online, 22/01/2020
Some victims of the Mount Vesuvius eruption in AD 79 had a slower death than previously believed, new research by Teesside University has found.

University students have designs on hospital

Sunderland Echo, p.22, 14/01/2020
A project to help enhance patient experience at Sunderland Eye Infirmary has been embraced by students from Teesside University's School of Art and Design.

Students have designs on enhancing infirmary

Shields Gazette, p.22, 14/01/2020
A project to help enhance patient experience at Sunderland Eye Infirmary has been embraced by students from Teesside University's School of Art and Design.

Award nomination for acclaimed Teesside producer's documentary

Tees Life, online, 13/01/2020
Film producer and Teesside University academic Samm Haillay's most recent documentary has been nominated for a major independent film award.

Teesside team to research international access to essential services

Tees Life, online, 07/01/2020
A Teesside University research team will lead a project to strengthen equal access to essential services such as clean water and electricity for all communities in India.

Design students offering support for eye infirmary

Darlington and Stockton Times. p.42, 03/01/2020
Students from Teesside University's MIMA School of Art and Design are helping to improve the experience for people with sight problems visiting a North-East hospital.

New leadership alumni network established at Teesside University

Aycliffe Today, online, 2/1/2020, Tees Business, online, 2/1/2020
Managers and small-business owners across the Tees Valley are coming together to share their expertise, thanks to a new initiative spun out of a successful leadership programme.

Self-management programme to help people living with long-term conditions

Tees Life, online, 20/12/2019
People living with long-term conditions are being invited to take part in a self-management programme using a support tool developed by Teesside University academics.

Indie Christmas Window Winner revealed

Drapers, online, 30/12/2019
Students studying fashion and product design joined forces with an award-winning independent retailer to create a festive window display which raises awareness of sustainability.

Uni student Tom scoops award for highest marks

The Gazette, P.18, 2/1/2020
Achievements during his sport rehabilitation studies have earned national recognition for Teesside University graduate Tom Wing.