Research ethics

Teesside University has a set of principles for the ethical conduct of research as agreed by the University Research Ethics Committee.

Principle 1

Harm to research participants must be avoided: the protection of the dignity, rights, safety and well being of all actual and potential participants, researchers, non-participating members of the public, and the environment takes precedence over scientific, or any other, considerations or interests.

Principle 2

Research should be designed, reviewed and undertaken to ensure adherence to the highest standards of quality, integrity, ethical propriety and governance, and legal compliance.

Principle 3

Researchers and participants must normally be informed as fully as possible about the purposes, methods and intended possible uses of the research, what their participation in the research entails, and what risks and benefits are involved. This information should be accurate, clear, and easily understood by the potential participant, who should have the capacity to understand what is involved in their participation. Research proposing variation from this principle may be approved but only in very specific contexts in which the lack of proper information must be justified by the value of the research.

Principle 4

Research participants must consent to participate in a voluntary way, free from any coercion, undue influence, or manipulation. Use of inducements to encourage participation must be carefully monitored.

Principle 5

The confidentiality of information supplied by research participants, and their anonymity, must be respected except in cases where illegal behaviour is discovered. All data and other materials from and about research participants will be collected, processed, retained, stored, and disposed of, in accordance with current legal requirements.

Principle 6

The independence of research must be clear, and any conflicts of interest or partiality must be disclosed. Publication of research results must be done fairly and with the public good taking priority over private or personal interests.

  Policy, procedures and guidance notes for research ethics (pdf - 389kb)