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Year 6 events

Specialist events

These events are designed specifically for Year 6 students and use interactive activities to promote learning.

Regular events

Year 6

Ideal Student | Our campus or your school or college

Audience: Year 6
Duration: 45 minutes

Pupils explore the qualities of an ideal student and discuss how to succeed in education.
Team work and presentation skills are developed.
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University Bingo | Our campus or your school or college

Audience: Year 6
Duration: 30 minutes

Through this enjoyable game, students gain awareness of higher education with an emphasis on Teesside University. The group become familiar with elements of university including sandwich courses and the length of degrees.
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Detectees | Teesside University

Audience: Year 6
Duration: 2 hours

The events teaches young people about higher education in a university setting. Students explore the campus, get a feel for university life and develop their problem-solving and navigation skills - a great way to inspire young people to go to university. This event can be designed to complement your primary to secondary transition activities.
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