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School of Arts & Creative Industries


Welcome to the vibrant world of research at Teesside University where creativity meets scholarly exploration.

A spectator studying a framed piece of artwork

Our PhD programmes in the School of Arts & Creative Industries are designed to foster innovative thinking and diverse perspectives. Whether your interest lies in the intricate narratives of art and history, the transformative power of contemporary creative practices, or the critical examination of societal narratives, our aim is to support and nurture your academic journey. Join us as we embark on a quest to explore and challenge the boundaries of knowledge in the arts and beyond.

Explore our diverse range of research areas, each offering a unique avenue for academic inquiry and creative exploration. From the intersections of art and technology to the critical studies of history and society, our research domains are designed to inspire and challenge.

These areas reflect our commitment to advancing knowledge across a spectrum of artistic and scholarly disciplines, inviting you to contribute your voice and perspective to our dynamic academic community. Including but not limited to:

Creative Exile

Explore the unique artistic perspectives and narratives born from experiences of exile. Delve into how displacement and cultural transitions influence creative expression, examining the role of art in navigating and articulating the complexities of exile.

Multimedia Installation (Sound and Video)

Investigate the cutting-edge of sound and video installations. This research area is ideal for those interested in the intersection of technology and art, focusing on how multimedia elements can be used to create immersive and thought-provoking experiences.

Contemporary Art and Curating

Engage with the latest trends in contemporary art and curatorial practice. This area invites research on emerging art forms, the evolving role of curators, and the dynamics of modern art exhibitions and collections.

Archive and Historiography

Examine the critical role of archives in shaping historical narratives. This research area focuses on the methodologies of historiography, the preservation of historical records, and the interpretation of archival materials and museum collections in a modern context.

Middle Eastern Feminist History

Contribute to the understanding of feminist movements and histories within the Middle Eastern context. This area encourages studies that highlight the unique experiences, challenges, and contributions of women in Middle Eastern societies.

Print Matters (Creative Writings and Publications)

Explore the power of the written word in print, from creative literature to impactful publications, emphasising the role of diverse voices and perspectives in shaping literary landscapes.

Pedagogical Research

Investigate innovative teaching methods that empower diverse learners, focusing on creative and critical approaches to education that challenge traditional pedagogies.

Disability Histories within Contemporary Art Practice

Examine how contemporary art practice incorporates and reflects the experiences of people with disabilities, contributing to a more inclusive understanding of artistic expression.

Participatory Research and Community Inclusivity

Engage in research that fosters community involvement and inclusivity, highlighting the role of participatory methods in bridging diverse groups and fostering collaborative creativity.

Art and Activism

Study the intersection of art and social activism, exploring how artistic expressions can be powerful tools for social change and inclusivity.

Interspecies Collaboration and the Anthropocene

Explore the collaborative potential between humans and other species in the context of the Anthropocene, highlighting the need for inclusive approaches to environmental challenges.

Feminist Art Histories

Unearth the rich history of feminist art, celebrating diverse voices and perspectives that have shaped the feminist movement in the art world.

Mental Health and Art Therapies Nationally and Internationally

Examine the role of art therapies in mental health, both nationally and internationally, emphasising inclusive approaches and diverse cultural perspectives in therapeutic practices.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your research proposal, please do not hesitate to contact us at Our team is eager to assist you and explore the potential of your innovative ideas.

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