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Finding Nemo animator splashes into Middlesbrough

08 December 2003


The magic behind Finding Nemo, the biggest animated film of 2003, will be revealed when Mark Walsh, Directing Animator of the movie, arrives in Middlesbrough to deliver a special talk at Animex, Middlesbrough’s week-long celebration of animation.

Mark, who has also worked on Pixar’s A Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc. and their latest project The Incredibles, will be delivering the headline address at Animex Talk!, the two-day industry conference element of Animex.

He will deliver his lecture on Friday 30 January 2004 as the closing address of Animex Talk!, which in previous years has been filled by Ray Harryhausen, Phil Tippett (animator on the original Star Wars trilogy) and Jason Schliefer (animator on The Lord of the Rings movies).

Chris Williams, festival director and Principal Lecturer in Animation at the University of Teesside, said: “I’ve seen Mark speak once before and I have to say that his presentation was absolutely fantastic and utterly inspiring. Mark is undoubtedly passionate about his work and for this reason I am thrilled to announce that he will be coming to Animex. What he had to say about his involvement on Finding Nemo fits perfectly with the ethos of this festival. This presentation alone will be worth the price of a Festival Pass.”

Also attending Animex Talk! is Stuart Sumida, a Californian Professor of Biology who advises animators on the movement and physiology of animals.

With credits on Beauty & the Beast, The Lion King, Hercules, Dinosaur, Mulan, Lion King, The Hollow Man, Scooby Doo, Reign of Fire, and The Prince of Egypt, he will deliver his talk on Thursday 29 January 2004.

“Having Stuart deliver a talk at Animex is a really big deal for us,” added Chris Williams. “Animals are synonymous with animation, from the earliest cartoons, right through to today’s multi-million dollar movies. Stuart will be discussing his background in biology to demonstrate how he has used his knowledge to advise animators on the creation of realistic humans and animals. Having worked for major studios, including Disney and Warner Brothers, Stuart will be able to offer an invaluable insight into the world of professional animation.”

To find out more about Animex, or to book tickets to attend Animex Talk! visit:, or call 01642 342638.

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