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Social work studies inspired Kate to set up charity

22 December 2008 @TeessideUni


A change in her original career path brought Kate Nnadede to Teesside for a degree in social work.

Kate, 41, who is originally from Nigeria, came to England in 1986 to study accountancy. But after deciding against a career in finance, Kate took a job working with homeless people.

Her new role led Kate to come to Teesside where she has now graduated with a BSc (Hons) Social Work/Mental Health Nursing.

Mum-of-three Kate, of Doncaster, said: ‘Teesside was the only place which offered the degree in social work with mental health nursing, which was something which really interested me.

I wanted the qualification ‘I’d started working with homeless people around 10 years ago, after deciding that I didn’t want to work in accountancy. I enjoy the social care side of offering support to vulnerable people, but I wanted to have the qualification too. People would refer to me as a social worker, so I thought why not study for the qualification? ‘While working on my degree at Teesside my final placement was in criminal justice, which brought me into contact with people who were homeless or had drug or alcohol problems.

It inspired me ‘It inspired me and my husband David to set up a charity organisation to help homeless people in Doncaster. The charity is ongoing, offering support to those who are homeless or have been released from prison or are recovering from alcohol or drug addiction. I also run a café for homeless people.’

Kate added: ‘I really enjoyed the degree at Teesside, especially the research work and I liked being in Middlesbrough. My parents came over to help my husband with the children while I was completing my degree.’