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Building a sustainable school

20 January 2009 @TeessideUni


Teenagers will be taking part in a project at the University to promote their knowledge of sustainability.

The Six Hour Green Challenge, which takes place on Tuesday 27 January, will involve around 25 children from four Middlesbrough schools and colleges.

The aim of the event is to encourage the students to develop their knowledge and understanding of how design and technology can be used to address sustainability issues.

During the event the students will adopt a Rethink Recycle Redesign approach to create new designs inspired by discarded and mundane objects. They will be assisted by University staff and Cherie Kemp, from Middlesbrough Environment City.

The project is being held as part of Sustees, a series of events running at the University from January 26 to 29 as part of an initiative aimed at establishing networks and sharing good practice in the pursuit of sustainable solutions.

Open your eyes to sustainability Paul Denison, Principal Lecturer in Design, said: ‘It’s really important for the University to signal its expertise and aspirations in the sustainability field and it’s equally vital that young people understand that there are educational and career opportunities in abundance in the broad sustainability area.

‘This event will hopefully open students’ eyes to the issues that are becoming so mainstream and alert them to things that they and their families can do to minimise impacts whilst improving the visual environment.

‘The inclusion of Middlesbrough Environment City in this event is a good example of the types of collaboration the University is seeking in this endeavour.’

The University is launching two degree courses BA (Hons) Design for Sustainable Futures and BSc (Hons) Sustainable Design and Technology. (Subject to approval).

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