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Animex Awards 2011

02 July 2010


The Animex Awards 2011 is now open for entries.

All student animators and computer games artists are invited to submit their work into the 2011 Animex Awards.

Categories include 2D, 3D, stop motion and experimental animation, games art and visual effects - so there's something for everyone.

Stay in touch with our new Facebook initiative - sign up to the Animex Awards Alumni Group and be part of the special group of of student entrants that have contributed to the scheme over the years.

Join the Animex Awards Facebook group

So if you’ve submitted work to Animex Awards in the past - or plan to submit work in the future, sign up now and share with us your portfolio, contacts, work experiences, news and views from the animation and games world.

All recruiters take note – this is a great place to discover new animation and games talent from around the glob.!

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