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First speaker confirmed for Animex 2011

11 October 2010


Prolific animation writer Eric Shaw is revisiting Animex in 2011. He talks about why he feels the festival is an important reason to return to the North East of England.

‘Animex is a truly informative, inspiring and important event.

‘Returning to Animex, I am reminded of the delegates' faces as they meet leaders in the field they are studying and trying so dearly to break into. As a writer, I offer my honest opinions and notes to my fellow writers – be they professionals or up-and-comers.

‘Mentoring and teaching is an important task. If we have been fortunate, we have all had one or two people who left a mark on us during our training. I was lucky enough to have a few, and I feel happy to offer the same.

‘Animex draws a wonderful group of students and young professionals and is truly a unique and first rate experience; I am thrilled to be coming back and teaching a little bit about writing for animation.’

Festival Director, Chris Williams said: ‘I'm delighted to confirm Eric as our first speaker for Animex 2011. After his previous visit I spoke to some of the people who attended his workshop, they were greatly inspired by the insights into the craft of writing for animation he gave them.’

Eric delivers a workshop for aspiring writers on Wednesday 9 February and speaks about his work at Animex Talk on Thursday 10 February 2011.

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