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Animation artist works with students

01 March 2013


An animation artist who worked on acclaimed hit Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises has been inspiring Teesside University games and animation students.

Visiting lecturer Soren Bendt held a masterclass with a group of students on the MA Concept Art for Games and Animation. He also spent time talking about his career and how he got involved in the industry.

Soren has worked on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2 and Clash of The Titans, as well as The Dark Knight Rises.

He currently works for Double Negative, the visual effects company which creates effects for many major Hollywood films, including recent Oscar winner Inception. His role involves handling concept art, pre-visualisation and storyboarding.

Soren, who is originally from Denmark, said: 'When I was studying animation in Denmark I was really keen to get work in the industry and went overseas to complete an internship in San Francisco before moving to London.

'My work is very much involved in pre-production. It’s a very long process seeing an idea turned into and become a piece of animation.'

He added: 'It’s great to be able to come into an academic setting and see the students’ enthusiasm and talent first hand.'

Nigel Kitching, Senior Lecturer in 2D Animation, said: 'We’re in close contact with industry and it’s important that the students are learning skills which employers are looking for. Events such as this provide valuable experience for them, as it helps them to view working in this field as being an achievable ambition.'

Among MA Concept for Games Animation students who took part in Soren’s masterclass were James Finlayson and Gavin Wrench. James, from Scotch Corner, said: 'It has been really enjoyable working with Soren, listening to his advice about the industry we are hoping to go into.'

Gavin, from Wales, added: 'It’s really nice for us to meet people working in the industry so we can get insight into what the work involves. We can spend plenty of time learning at University, but it’s a completely different thing to be out there working in the industry.'

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