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International project to help drive shift towards electric vehicles

22 February 2024


Academics from Teesside University are involved in an international project to develop electric vehicle chargers which incorporate artificial intelligence.

Dr Maher Al-Greer
Dr Maher Al-Greer

The partnership with VIT, Vellore, University, India, involves a ground-breaking Royal Academy of Engineering Project to develop AI-driven adaptive fast charging for electrical vehicles.

This transformative initiative aims to pioneer development of an avant-garde electric vehicle (EV) charger, integrating state-of-the-art AI-driven features. The primary objective is to redefine the charging experience by achieving rapid charging for existing infrastructure, propelling the electric vehicle industry into a future marked by technological innovation.

Dr Maher Al-Greer, Principal Investigator and Associate Professor (Research), in the University’s School of Computing, Engineering & Digital Technologies, said: “As governments worldwide set ambitious targets to promote EVs, the role of smart chargers becomes increasingly vital in optimizing energy usage and fostering a sustainable ecosystem.

“In the context of India's rapid urbanization and rising vehicle ownership rates, the demand for efficient charging infrastructure is escalating. Smart chargers are recognized as essential tools for managing and distributing electricity to EVs.”

The demand for efficient charging infrastructure is escalating

Dr Maher Al-Greer

The collaboration between the UK and India in the development of smart chargers for EVs will leverage the technological strengths, market insights, and policy approaches of both nations, with this partnership, involving academic institutions and three industrial partners.

Dr Al-Greer added: “The shift to electric vehicles supports the country's commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and decreasing reliance on fossil fuels. Charging infrastructure is crucial to accelerating EV adoption.

“This project is poised to deliver an innovative EV charging solution, facilitating a faster transition to Net-Zero. By integrating technical advancements with educational initiatives, the project seeks to reshape the EV charging landscape, promoting sustainable transportation.

“Through industry and academia collaboration, we will design a faster and smarter EV charger, compatible with existing AC charges. The integration of AI-driven features for remote monitoring, scheduling, and payments aims to enhance user convenience, encouraging widespread EV adoption.”

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