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Industrial Decarbonisation and Hydrogen Innovation Centre (IDHIC)

Industrial Decarbonisation and Hydrogen Innovation Centre (IDHIC)The Industrial Decarbonisation and Hydrogen Innovation Centre is a collaboration between Teesside University and TWI which focusses on the development of cost effective, low-carbon technologies to support industry's drive for clean energy growth.

Its aim is to help companies to reduce the impact their operations have on the environment and look at solutions to harness hydrogen for future use.

Although hydrogen, produced from water or natural gas, is in ample supply, its wider use is currently limited due to high associated costs.

The Industrial Decarbonisation and Hydrogen Innovation Centre will seek to identify novel technology concepts which can be applied to energy intensive industries associated with manufacturing, refining and other carbon dioxide emitting processes, all of which contribute to global warming.

Objectives of IDHIC

  • Develop new techniques that have less environmental impact for adoption by energy intensive industries
  • Draw out new ideas that match industry needs, turning them into viable projects at Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) 1-6
  • Life extension of plant, machinery and equipment through new opportunities for recovery, repair and repurposing
  • Jointly leverage new technologies and industrial solutions through competitively awarded grant funding, resulting in the delivery of collaborative projects which bring together UK companies and European SMEs in consortiums with complementary experience.

Core areas

  • Fuel cell development, converting energy into usable electric power
  • Materials technologies to enable future transportation
  • Resource efficient manufacturing and refining systems
  • New technologies for hydrogen fuelling and energy storage
  • Energy management processes for improved monitoring, control and conservation of energy.

Centre lead

Dr Ruben Pinedo-Cuenca
Business Innovation Manager, School of Computing, Engineering & Digital Technologies

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About TWI

TWI. This is an external website. The link to TWI will open in a new window.TWI is one of the world's largest, independent, not-for-profit, membership-based research and technology organisations and has bases in Greece and Germany, South East Asia, India, the Middle East, Central Asia and the USA.

TWI has a multi-disciplinary staff of specialist consultants, engineers, scientists, researchers and technicians dedicated to bringing engineering, materials, structural integrity management and joining techniques into the 21st century. Focused on bridging the gap between research and industry, TWI promotes the latest approaches following the digital revolution in industry.

TWI hosts a growing number of Innovation Centres, which share research and technology capabilities and undertake joint research programmes to develop the next generation of technologies and engineers in selected research disciplines.

A number of centres have been set up with academic partners, all of which focus on different areas of joint research.

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