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TeeGene joins mission to tackle water pollution in India

03 March 2017


A Wilton Centre-based biotech research company is to investigate ways to reduce industrial waste, environmental inefficiency and pollution in India and explore the potential of converting waste into useful products.

Dr Pattanathu Rahman
Dr Pattanathu Rahman

TeeGene has been invited to travel to India to present the findings from research case studies it developed with a Teesside University team relating to the bioremediation of wastewater using microalgae and bacteria which used technology suitable for tackling industrial wastewater streams in India.

The company is one of a selected group from the UK invited to visit India from 19-25 March to participate in the scoping workshop at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur to explore the collaborative opportunities with Indian partners.

Dr Pattanathu Rahman, founding Director of TeeGene, said: 'We will be providing participants with an overview and some examples of how TeeGene's technology can be applied to the removal and valorisation of waste water contaminants and some considerations that will need to be made in applying these technologies to India’s industrial waste streams.

'In addition we will be sharing some examples to relate to India specifically, but seeing the potential for application outside the UK might help to inspire further ideas in the workshop discussions that follow.'

After the visit TeeGene will be submitting an R&D proposal for the treatment of wastewater from sugar, tannery and textile industry waste water with the team of academics and industrial partners from India.

The trip is a part of a £16 million programme to support commercially focused research and development partnerships that bring innovative biotechnologies to market for cleaning, processing and using industrial waste streams.