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Centre for Digital Innovation

Centre for Digital Innovation

Multidisciplinary research and innovation at the Centre for Digital Innovation sees academics, researchers and students work collaboratively across areas including health and wellbeing, biosciences, social science, engineering, business and education.

It also works to meet the growing demand for digital technologies and media research and innovation to tackle the economic, societal and contemporary technological challenges of today; using technologies to enhance capacity and efficiency, increase productivity, improve accuracy and reduce costs.

Collaborative and strategic partnerships stretch across a range of sectors and industries including FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies and Siemens; NHS trusts, regional partners such as Public Health Middlesbrough, and national and international academic partners from countries including Germany, the US and Malaysia.

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Research centre leads

Dr The Anh Han

Dr The Anh Han

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Research at Teesside

Theodor-Ioan Cimpeanu

There are several very successful researchers working in my field, with strong ties to other cutting-edge groups around the world, and that bodes well for the future of research here.

Theodor-Ioan Cimpeanu, Research Assistant

Impact case studies

Shedding light on 3D models 

Using breakthrough 3D modelling techniques to better understand fragile and ancient objects

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The Conversation

The Conversation is an independent source for news and opinions, written by the academic and research community for a general public audience.

AI technique that predicts cell growth could someday diagnose cancer or develop new drugs

Claudio Angione

Machine learning technologies are everywhere. They’re used by search engines, social media, and even in online banking. But one area that this technology is still emerging is medicine.

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AI developers often ignore safety in the pursuit of a breakthrough – so how do we regulate them without blocking progress?

The Anh Han

Ever since artificial intelligence (AI) made the transition from theory to reality, research and development centres across the world have been rushing to come up with the next big AI breakthrough.

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