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  • Boost Your Emotional Management

  • 29 March 2023

  • 2.00PM - 3.30PM

  • Online - see details below

Boost Your Emotional Management

The likability of a leader, colleague, and person in general, in a similar way to physical attractiveness (like it or not) can imbue people with "The Halo Effect" (Thorndike) - a bias where if you are "liked" on initial meeting, you are also presumed to have other positive traits, and you are also more readily forgiven when things go wrong. While I can fully appreciate this is very much a "game" played at work - I do often tell my students "Hard Skills get you through the door; Soft Skills keep you in the job." Of course I would always advocate working on the technical skills, one cannot (and ought not) rely on "personality" alone, but emotional intelligence certainly helps.

This webinar will explore how stress can affect our emotional responses and practical ways in which we can build our mental and emotional strength so that we can not only take challenge in our stride, but do so in good grace too.

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