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Undergraduate study

Education, Early Childhood & Youth

Education, early childhood and youth are professional vocations – you need to be able to understand children, adults and young people’s needs and enjoy supporting their development. It takes a special kind of person. It’s a dynamic profession that’s evolving, increasingly developing and promoting professionalism. At Teesside you get an excellent mix of theory and practice, preparing you for a highly skilled, demanding profession working with children, young people and adults.

Education, Early Childhood & Youth

The facilities available to Education, Early Childhood and Youth students at Teesside University are ideal preparation for a career in education. Students have access to many of the kind of resources that you would expect to find in an educational setting.


Quality teaching

We are committed to providing you with the knowledge, understanding and skills you need to become part of a graduate workforce. Well-qualified and highly experienced staff support your progress. Teesside is an ideal location to study social science in the 21st century. The area has been described as a ‘research laboratory’, as it has experienced rapid and profound change. Academic staff draw on local case studies to enrich teaching, and maintain excellent networks of contacts with key policymakers and practitioners.


Evidence-based practice is at the heart of the best education for workforce development. Academic research is an important element of teaching and learning at Teesside University. Recent successes in education research among members of the team include studies of Sure Start, for the Children’s Workforce Development Council, and on literacy and mentoring. Team members are involved at a national level in developing government policies for early years and youth work, and initial teacher training requirements. Education staff have published a range of material, including course textbooks, agenda-setting texts, reports and journal papers on young people, youth-related issues, professional development, teaching in the lifelong learning sector and early years.