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Relaxing times at Teesside

01 November 2006 @TeesUniNews


A new £19,000 facility will soon be opening at the University of Teesside to help health professionals in the region apply psychological techniques to improve peoples’ health.

The new relaxation room will feature treatment couches, blood pressure monitors, heart rate monitors, an electroencephalogram (to detect abnormalities in the brain), an electrocardiogram (heart monitoring equipment) and aromatherapy facilities.

Aimed at practicing health professionals, the University offers a bachelors and masters degree in Health Psychology.

Course leader Stephanie Hart said: “The aim of Health Psychology is to use psychological theories and practices in understanding health and illness. Health promotion, stress management, sexual health and healthy eating are all areas affected by psychological conditions. Our relaxation room will allow students to put these theories into practice and see how psychology can have a positive effect on people’s health.”

To find out more about the University of Teesside’s Health Psychology courses, contact Stephanie Hart on 01642 384284 or email: