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New research centre will help manufacturers improve efficiency

From left - Mangesh Gharfalkar, Dr Graham Hillier, Dr Richard Court and Callum Campbell. 14 April 2014
A specialist research centre dedicated to finding ways to help businesses improve manufacturing has been set up as a collaborative partnership between Teesside University, the Institute for Manufacturing at Cambridge University and the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI).

Chibuzo Iheyinwa Uzoigwe.Teesside scientist takes her research to Parliament
11 March 2014
A PhD student from Teesside University is set to attend Parliament to present her research to a range of politicians and expert judges.

Dr Meez Islam (left) and Professor Zulf Ali (right).Teesside University pioneering life-saving research to provide early diagnosis of a deadly disease
06 March 2014
Life-saving research to provide early detection of an illness which kills millions of people each year is being pioneered by academics at Teesside University.

Dr Cormac Ryan.Researchers find link between chronic pain and heart disease
03 March 2014
Elderly people who have chronic muscle pain are at a significantly increased risk of having heart disease – researchers at Teesside University have found.

Professor Steve Hall.Teesside University to tackle deliberate fire setting
24 February 2014
Researchers at Teesside University are working with Cleveland Fire Brigade to try and reduce the number of incidents of deliberate fire setting.

Dr Vida Zohoori.Research to improve children’s oral health
13 February 2014
An academic from Teesside University whose work aims to improve the oral health of young children and babies is taking her research to Brazil.

Academic helping to encourage steps to a healthier lifestyle
09 January 2014
A Teesside University academic is contributing to an initiative aimed at encouraging people to reap the health benefits of using the stairs.

Professor Maria Olea.Teesside experts to assist with international research project
07 January 2014
Experts at Teesside University are part of a two year international research project to help local and regional governments across Europe turn sewage sludge into re-usable charcoal and gas.

Dr Mohamad Kassem (left) and Professor Nashwan Dawood (right)International delegates discuss new building technologies
29 November 2013
Delegates from around the world have discussed cutting-edge developments in building technology at a conference organised by Teesside University academics.

University and hospital join forces for new project on obstructive sleep apnoea
27 November 2013
Professor Greg Atkinson from the Health and Social Care Institute is leading a new project in collaboration with sleep experts at James Cook University Hospital.

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