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False accusations preventing men from reporting domestic abuse – study finds

Dr Jessica McCarrick. 28 September 2015
Male victims of domestic violence are reluctant to report the abuse they suffer for fear of being accused of violence themselves, according to new research by a Teesside University academic.

Teesside's role in training future researchers
25 September 2015
Teesside University is involved in a major initiative to launch a new kind of doctoral programme which will help to shape future research into health.

Cork Ignite.Presenting disability in the digital age
07 September 2015
International artist Simon McKeown has taken on his most ambitious project to date as he puts disability in the spotlight with a stunning mix of digital technology and animation.

Dr Emma Giles (front), with Professor Newbury-Birch.Early intervention to change teenagers’ risky drinking behaviour
01 September 2015
Researchers are spearheading a unique project to change the behaviour of teenagers and prevent them getting into dangerous situations as a result of alcohol.

Dr Pattanathu Rahman.Teesside start-up TeeGene is shortlisted for a global award
01 September 2015
A pioneering start-up, spun out of Teesside University research, has been shortlisted for a prestigious international award.

Football clubs and academics working towards the same goal
25 August 2015
The vital role sports science and medicine play in what happens on the football pitch is in the spotlight in an interactive event at Teesside University.

Teesside artist teams up with international groups for Cork culture event
21 July 2015
International artist Simon McKeown will use his expertise in technology to present a live art commission during a major outdoor cultural event in Ireland.

Simon McKeown has collected 12 disability cars.Iconic cars used to show the history of disability
08 July 2015
Renowned international artist Simon McKeown is turning his fleet of disability cars into a virtual museum for people to learn more about the history of these iconic vehicles.

Professor Matthew Feldman.New report reveals a rise in anti-Muslim hostility in Britain following acts of terrorism around the world
18 June 2015
Muslims in Britain are becoming the target of hate crimes and incidents of retribution for terrorist attacks around the world – according to a new report by Teesside University’s Centre for Fascist, Anti-Fascist and Post-Fascist Studies (CFAPS), based on TELL MAMA data.

Exergaming improves balance of people with Multiple Sclerosis
06 May 2015
Exergaming could be a viable alternative to help people with Multiple Sclerosis live happier and more active lives, researchers at Teesside University have found.

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