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Researchers highlight how intervention can impact on childhood obesity

Dr Emma Mead . Link to Dr Emma Mead .

Teesside University has been involved in research which highlights the vital role of diet and physical activity play in treating obesity in children and adolescents.

22 Jun 2017 Research

Dr Lorenza Antonucci.. Link to Dr Lorenza Antonucci..

Brexit voters describe themselves as middle class, educated but dissatisfied with life

A year since the vote to leave the European Union, new research at Teesside University has found that Brexit voters are more likely to describe themselves as middle class, educated and fed up, rather than angry and working class.

20 Jun 2017 Research

Professor Denis Martin. Link to Professor Denis Martin.

Collaborative project will help patients to self-manage back pain

Experts at Teesside University are part of a ground-breaking healthcare project designed to help people with back pain manage their own condition.

16 Jun 2017 Research