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Iconic cars used to show the history of disability

Simon McKeown has collected 12 disability cars. 08 July 2015
Renowned international artist Simon McKeown is turning his fleet of disability cars into a virtual museum for people to learn more about the history of these iconic vehicles.

Professor Matthew Feldman.New report reveals a rise in anti-Muslim hostility in Britain following acts of terrorism around the world
18 June 2015
Muslims in Britain are becoming the target of hate crimes and incidents of retribution for terrorist attacks around the world – according to a new report by Teesside University’s Centre for Fascist, Anti-Fascist and Post-Fascist Studies (CFAPS), based on TELL MAMA data.

Exergaming improves balance of people with Multiple Sclerosis
06 May 2015
Exergaming could be a viable alternative to help people with Multiple Sclerosis live happier and more active lives, researchers at Teesside University have found.

Professor Tim Thompson.Scientists down tools for the pub – and you’re all invited
24 April 2015
Academics at Teesside University are set to swap lecture halls and seminars for the comfort of local pubs in a bid to make their research more accessible.

Far right in 'disarray' university expert tells influential think tank
20 April 2015
A Teesside University Professor whose research focuses on historic and contemporary fascism has contributed to a national report examining the issue of race in the upcoming general election.

Hadi Parvizi.Engineering student takes research to Parliament
18 March 2015
A Teesside University student has presented his fracking research in Parliament to a range of politicians and policy makers.

Teesside University helps to showcase research excellence
12 March 2015
Work carried out at Teesside University is being showcased in a new campaign to highlight the impact of academic research in the UK and around the world.

UK’s first nationwide clinical trial on shoulder fractures reveals no significant difference between surgery and non-surgery
10 March 2015
A five year study to determine the best treatment for a broken shoulder – surgery versus no surgery - could lead to significant financial savings.

Arts and humanities partnership launched
25 February 2015
Teesside University is part of a consortium of northern universities offering additional postgraduate opportunities and strengthening research across arts and humanities.

Professor Zulf Ali, Dean of Teesside University’s Graduate Research School.Gateone project calls on Teesside University expertise
19 February 2015
Experts at Teesside University are part of a prestigious European project which will equip SMEs with smart technologies and bring a raft of new products to market.

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