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Application forms

Write a winning application form

Whether you are completing an application form to apply for your next course, a job or a placement, be prepared to answer competency and strengths-based questions. Read this essential information before you start.

Application forms

You'll need to set sufficient time aside to provide the best examples of your experience in structured answers.

Most job application forms and online application systems require information about your personal details, education, employment and work experience, interests and achievements, and references.

Application form guides and examples

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  • Journey to work - CVs and applications video clip - employers explain what they like to see on CVs and applications and give advice about how to sell yourself effectively (12 mins). View it on the campus only network Blackboard Ultra
  • Your Jobs Online video clip - shows two major employers selecting graduates using only their electronic applications. Find out how to maximise your chances of success through: answering the question, evidence, activities and interests, marketing yourself, and common mistakes (25 mins). Available to view on the campus only network Blackboard Ultra
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