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Congratulations, you're through to the next stage.

Interviews provide you with the chance to demonstrate that you are the strongest candidate by describing your skills, strengths, experience, knowledge, interests and values.


Preparation before your interview is vital to making a success of this one-off opportunity. These top tips help you to get started.

Prepare yourself

Before the interview

Dress to impress
  • What should you wear to your job interview? Here's some examples of appropriate outfits for interviewing provided by Miami University careers service
    Male - appropriate attire
    Female - appropriate attire
  • First impressions count - watch four students from differing subject disciplines get ready for a range of graduate job interviews.
  • Don't wear any perfume or smoke a cigarette right before your interview

At the interview

After the interview

Types of interview

Interview practice questions


Assessment centres

Psychometric tests

  • Many employers use psychometric tests as part of the selection process. Find out what to expect, and have a go at some practice tests.
  • Practice tests for free

Interview success presentations

Resources on E-learning

Current students (log-in required) can also access more job interview resources tailored to your course or School on the careers organisation on Blackboard Ultra

Seek advice

  • Get interview advice at an appointment or drop-in session.
  • Book a practice interview with a careers adviser
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