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My name is Emily and I am the Young Person's Co-ordinator for Fixers, an award winning innovative multi-media charity working across the UK on social action projects with 16 to 25 year olds.

We work directly with young people and those which support them to create high quality campaigns on the issues which affect young people in their own communities and further afield. You can see what other young people are doing right now by visiting our website at

Fixers, which is funded by the Big Lottery, helps young people aged from 16 to 25 take on any issues that matter to them and help them find a creative way to do something about it and make positive change. We help the young people to create projects to make a change to their communities and the world around them. We have a creative team which specialises in all things media, so the young people have the chance to make a music video, books, flyers, posters, short films or adverts, help to hold an event and much more. We never say no to a young person's idea, as long as the project is helping others.

All of our projects are young people led and have a positive impact on at least one other person. Fixers are young people that see something wrong, or have had an experience, have suffered or have seen someone else suffer and want to do something about it, or share that with other people. We have worked with young people on hundreds of topics, from bullying to eating disorders, mental health to social activities, the issue that we work on comes from the young people involved, and is important to them as an individual or as a group.

Volun-tees helps our organisation by promoting the opportunities which Fixers can bring to young people via their website. Fixers is also able to present themselves at volunteering fairs. My advice to organisations looking for University volunteers is attend all fairs and presentations if possible.