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School of Computing, Engineering & Digital Technologies

ExpoTees London

Our annual industry-led exposition of graduate work, showcasing animation, visual effects, concept art, immersive and games - demonstrating creativity, imagination and industry-standard skills


ExpoTees London
ExpoTees London

ExpoTees London is an annual industry-led exposition of outstanding computer innovation, technology and design. This interactive exhibition brings together recent graduates from the School of Computing, Engineering & Digital Technologies with Teesside University alumni. It's a must see for anyone interested in working for the film, television commercials, new media, transmedia, architectural visualisation or games industries.

Our students have gone on to work on award-winning film and game titles and we invite you to speak to the graduating cohort about their projects, view their portfolios and listen to their ideas. There will also be an opportunity to network with our animation, VFX and games alumni who are now working in the south east.



We have an outstanding reputation for delivering excellence in animation, VFX, games, immersive technologies and computing. Our courses are accredited by Screenskills and the British Computer Society. We work closely with industry to design, develop and deliver our programmes, producing high calibre graduates who are working across the globe.

We would love to collaborate on our courses and events, and on promoting your brand and accessing the top graduate talent produced at Teesside University. Please get in touch for more information.

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Creative graduates gathered in the capital for ExpoTees London

Teesside University graduates rubbed shoulders with industry leaders while showcasing their world at creative studio Framestore in London.

10 Jul 2019


In pictures


Andy Lomas | Morphogenetic Creations

ExpoTees London 2019 hosted Morphogenetic Creations, an exhibition of computational art by Andy Lomas, who previously worked on major hits such as Avatar, Walking With Dinosaurs, Over the Hedge, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. Andy's art explores the use of computer algorithms to simulate natural processes, resulting in rich evocative complex alien but familiar forms. His work has received wide acclaim internationally, being exhibited at venues including the V&A, the Pompidou Centre, the Los Angeles Metropolitan Museum of Art, SIGGRAPH, the Science Museum and the Royal Society. Andy has won two Emmys and the Lumen Gold Prize for computer art.

If you are a Teesside University alumni and would like your work to be considered in next years event, get in touch


What our guests, exhibitors and Alumni say...

An exceptionally rare opportunity to meet such talented members of industry in a prestigious setting.

Christian Maund, games development student

ExpoTees London is an amazing opportunity that's helped give me that last push towards working in industry.

Maximilian Shipley, games animation student

It was an incredible opportunity to introduce myself and show my work to some of the industry's leading talent.

Tom Paterson, animation and VFX student

Without ExpoTees London I wouldn't have secured a job so quickly. I'd recommend anyone to apply, it offers a great opportunity.

Chris Palin, student

Training is at the core of what we do. We don't expect everyone to be the finished article and we hope that everyone wants to start a career of lifelong learning because every show has its challenges and its only through continual learning that you are able to meet those challenges.

Amy Smith, Head of Talent, Framestore - ExpoTees sponsor

ExpoTees is amazing. To see and talk to your graduates is incredible. The Foundry would like to get more involved in graduate schemes like this.

Chloe Campbell, Recruiter, The Foundry - ExpoTees sponsor

We've brought our students all the way from Teesside to where the industry is and I'm so proud. Bringing the talent to the businesses - what a wonderful experience. People are always amazed that this portfolio comes from Teesside University and there will come a day not long from know when that perception no longer holds true.

Steve Dougan, Head of Enterprise, Teesside University

I like that ExpoTees London takes students to the heart of the industry and forms a bridge between the North East industries and London.

Jay Bayliss, graduate and artist, Chucklefish Games

Back in 1990 there were only three universities in the UK supporting computer graphics and animation, and Teesside University was one of them. Teesside is a place where people come from so many different backgrounds to study. I learnt a lot of the craft and a lot of techniques by studying at Teesside University.

Andy Lomas, Artist and Teesside Honorary Graduate

I came to ExpoTees London to look for animators. We have a lot of projects coming into the studio and we need more hands on deck. I had great support when I was a student at Teesside University and although I've picked up knowledge along the way, Teesside University provided me with the basic foundation.

Jerome Rodgers Blake, graduate and Animator, Creative Assembly Games

It's really nice to come to something like this and talk to students because personality goes a long way.

Natalie Busitilli, Resourcing Manager, Nexus

ExpoTees London is definitely worth doing. It's great to get out there. Don't be afraid to receive feedback and criticism. It's the only way you can grow.

Daniel Glass, computer character animation student

I've been looking through the ExpoTees brochure to find students with Houdini skills. It's been really interesting to see that there's a few students with those procedural destructive skills.

David Watson, graduate and CG Supervisor, Framestore

It's been a real privilege to come here and support my son who is graduating from BA (Hons) Concept Art. It's given me an insight into the industry he wishes to go into, which is completely alien to me. ExpoTees London is a great opportunity to gain experience in networking and to get a better understanding of what companies are looking for.

Max Murray, parent

I love coming to ExpoTees London to see all the graduating students and to meet my fellow alumni. Every year it gets bigger and better.

Michel Bryant, graduate and Lighting TD & Texture Artist, Framestore


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