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Information Governance

Data Governance

Data Governance forms the basis for University-wide management of information, including personal data, enabling the University to manage, utilise and protect its data assets.

Through a network of people with clear roles and responsibilities for the University's data assets, the University aims to provide a standardised approach to data use and a solid framework for data accountability.

Gorvernance Framework for data accountability


The SIRO role sits within the framework of responsibility and accountability for the effective, efficient, safe and compliant management of the University's information assets. The SIRO is a member of, and reports to, the University's Executive Team (UET).

The Information Governance Framework Project Board (IGFPB)

The IGFPB supports the SIRO and Head of Information Governance to develop and improve the management of information governance (IG) through ensuring a clear vision and strategy for the University for all area of IG, including Data Governance, and to provide assurance that the necessary capacity and capability are available to enable adequate IG controls to be developed.

Information Asset Owner

The Information Asset Owner (IAO) is responsible and accountable for ensuring that information assets within their area are managed compliantly. The IAO in turn provides compliance and assurance reports (regular and exceptional) through the SIRO to UET.

Information Asset Manager/Administrators

The framework aims to ensure that each information asset has a clearly defined manager who is responsible for that asset on a day to day basis. The Information Asset Manager/Administrators implement the Information Governance policies, procedures and instructions to manage that asset and keeps the IAO up to date with any issues in relation to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of those assets.

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