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Masters placements

Teesside University offers a wide range of master's degree programmes which include a 12 week placement or project with an employer. These courses are open to home and overseas students but are especially attractive to international students from around the world.

High quality work experience is an essential part of preparing our students for the world of work, and for businesses, hosting an international student brings a range of benefits such as new innovative ideas, excellent technical skills and a global perspective coupled with an understanding of different cultures and languages.

By supporting the University with placements or projects, local businesses will positively contribute to promoting the Tees Valley as a great place to study and a region that welcomes skilled learners from around the world. We have a range of talented and enthusiastic students within a range of areas across science, engineering, computing and business. A full list can be found in our FAQs below.

There are two student intakes each year, with placements/projects starting in September and January.

Next steps

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How does the recruitment process work?

After we receive your application form we'll advertise the role to the suitable students and forward their CV and Cover Letter for you to complete the shortlisting and arrange an interview. Like with any interview process, we cannot guarantee that there will be a suitable candidate for your role or project.

How much does it cost?

Placements are not funded by the University but can be voluntary. If travel costs are incurred for the placement, we expect these to be covered by the company.

Where will the intern be based?

Interns can be based at your premises or at home.

What should a placement offer the student?

The aim of the placement or project is to provide practical experience for our students appropriate to the level of the skills they are developing and aligned to their course of study. The students produce a reflective assignment based on a work diary and log as part of their assessment.

Who is responsible for the visa sponsorship for international students while on placement?

Teesside University sponsors the student visa throughout the placement. As part of this process we send fortnightly emails to confirm student attendance and engagement.

What courses are students studying?

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