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Net Zero

Our mission is to create a cleaner, greener future

Embracing our rich industrial heritage, we are decarbonising industries and working towards a net zero future, through collaborative industry partnerships for our region, the UK, and beyond.

We offer a range of courses, apprenticeships, and qualifications to suit businesses, as well access to cutting-edge research techniques and state-of-the-art facilities.

Research & Innovation

Teesside University's Net Zero research and consultancy focus spans diverse areas including artificial intelligence, carbon capture, hydrogen innovation, circular economy and more.

Our research in decarbonisation and emerging technologies is used by industry, equipping businesses with the expertise needed to develop new technology and accelerate the transition from concept to commercially available products.

Workforce Development

We offer comprehensive training to upskill employees across the workforce supply chain and future-proof businesses for the developments of tomorrow. We collaborate with industry leaders, leveraging the region's biomass and energy plants to pioneer low-carbon technologies.

Accredited/non-accredited CPD

  • Introduction to Net Zero
  • Industrial Transition to a Hydrogen Economy
  • Industrial Waste Valorisation
  • Industrial Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Carbon calculating using Digital Twins

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The Net Zero Industry Innovation Centre (NZIIC)

The Net Zero Industry Innovation Centre (NZIIC) is an innovative facility that supports the ongoing drive for clean energy and sustainability.

It brings together expert insight, resources and partnerships to grow net zero capabilities and opportunities, placing our region at the forefront of the clean energy agenda and helping create hundreds of clean energy jobs.

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