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Advanced Manufacturing

Turbocharging the sustainable transition through advanced manufacturing

Integrating robotics, digital technologies, cutting-edge engineering, and pioneering training models, we will help to create the first regional low carbon industrial cluster by 2030.

We offer a range of courses, apprenticeships, and qualifications to suit, as well access to cutting-edge research techniques and state-of-the-art facilities.

Research & Innovation

We are transforming the Tees Valley region into a green hub for advanced manufacturing. Through sustainable and impactful partnerships with global manufacturers, we produce research in everything from additive manufacturing to advanced material development, net zero manufacturing to automation and robotics, and more. This enables us to push the frontiers of knowledge and innovation to create impactful solutions.

We also provide help businesses of every size with the consultancy and expertise necessary to adopt circular economy principles, capitalise on the green transition and build a flourishing manufacturing industry to unlock growth and future prosperity.

Workforce Development

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The Net Zero Industry Innovation Centre (NZIIC)

The Net Zero Industry Innovation Centre (NZIIC)

The Net Zero Industry Innovation Centre (NZIIC) is an innovative facility that supports the ongoing drive for clean energy and sustainability. It brings together expert insight, resources and partnerships to grow net zero capabilities and opportunities, placing our region at the forefront of the clean energy agenda and helping create hundreds of clean energy jobs.

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TUCAN Studio

The TUCAN Studio provides a platform for us to harness the power of both our talented graduates, our experienced core staff and renowned researchers to deliver cutting-edge solutions for today's biggest challenges. With a strong focus on virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), filmmaking, 2D animation, and 3D animation, we bring imagination to life through immersive experiences.

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