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Connect to talent

Teesside University offers a range of opportunities to connect to our talent pool of students and graduates who have skills and knowledge tailored to your industry and fresh perspectives and ideas that could provide you with a competitive edge.

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Flexible internships and placements

We provide a low-risk route to access and assess our highly skilled graduates and students who could be the perfect fit for your business needs, including:

  • Internships: typically lasting between two to six months and an excellent choice for shorter-term projects or busy periods.
  • Placements: benefit from sector-leading skills and expertise over a twelve months period. It's also a route to securing top talent before students complete their studies.

Access to events and opportunities

Our recruitment events, in-person and virtual, connect you with motivated individuals actively exploring graduate and undergraduate opportunities. They're an excellent platform for networking with prospective employees and promoting your organisation to a talent pool. We can tailor our events to align with your recruitment processes. We can also promote your vacancies through targeted newsletters and our online jobs portal, at no cost.

Bespoke account management and recruitment expertise

Our Student Futures Team offer bespoke advice and support to organisations across all industry sectors, regardless of size, to understand and progress your specific recruitment needs.

Our expertise and support spans the entire recruitment spectrum, including:

  • sharing labour market insights
  • creating effective job descriptions
  • promoting and targeting vacancies
  • shortlisting candidates
  • interview and assessment facilities
  • advice on onboarding, retention, and workforce development.

We can also connect you to other Teesside University services and expertise.

Talk to us

We guarantee quality. All our business services carry the Customer First Standard, a quality mark recognising excellent customer service. And we can also help you source financial support.

Our business service charter sets out our commitment to a professional business service for all our clients.

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