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23 October 2000


'The Future of Knowledge in an Age of Information' will be explored in a free lecture at the University of Teesside on 1 November. Professor Steve Baskerville, Director of the School of Computing and Mathematics, will deliver his lecture from 6.30pm in the Europa Building, Woodlands Road, Middlesbrough. Refreshments are available from 6.00pm.

Professor Baskerville will look at the difference between information and knowledge in relation to several areas including knowledge in a 'virtual university', scientific knowledge in public policy and New Labour's vision of a knowledge-driven economy. He will then consider the role of universities in helping to develop local economic plans.

Professor Baskerville said: "The Regional Development Agency is committed to putting Universities at the centre of its economic strategy for the region. Knowledge transfer will clearly play a major role in this process, but there is currently some confusion as to what "knowledge" actually is and how it can be transferred effectively from one person or institutional environment to another. In this lecture, I hope to raise the audience's awareness on these issues and to provoke a discussion about how they might be best resolved".

The lecture is open to everyone. For further information please contact Mark White in the Vice-Chancellor's Office, University of Teesside, Middlesbrough TS1 3BA. Tel: 01642 342004, Fax: 01642 342000, email:

Notes to editors:

1) Professor Baskerville is the author of several books including Of Law & Limitations, an intellectual portrait of Louis Dembitz Brandeis, Justice of the US Supreme Court during the earlier part of last century.

2) He is Director of the School of Computing and Mathematics. Previously Professor Baskerville was Director of the School of Law, Arts & Humanities at the University of Teesside (1996-1998). He was also Dean of the School of Arts (comprising American Studies, English, Drama and Music) at the University of Hull (1992-1996).

3) Professor Baskerville can be contacted direct on 01642 342652, or email: