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Askfuse launched

06 June 2013 @TeessideUni


Fuse, the Centre for Translational Research in Public Health, which was jointly established by Teesside University, celebrated its fifth anniversary with the launch of askfuse, a responsive research and evaluation service for public health.

The audience at the Fuse@Five event was reminded by Professor Peter Kelly (Director of Public Health at Stockton Borough Council) that there is a whole new constituency in public health of local Councillors, who have different kinds of evidence needs and interests from senior managers and Boards within the former Primary Care Trusts.

askfuse aims to provide a service that meets external partners’ needs, through building a dialogue that leads to bespoke and useful research outputs that partners are confident will answer the pressing questions that they have from the world of public health.

For more information, and a short animation that explains what the service is about and how it will work, visit