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Postgraduate art and design students showcase their work

13 September 2013


Aspiring artists and designers will explore social issues and challenge conventions in the MAnifesto exhibition at Teesside University.

The MAnifesto exhibition showcases work by postgraduate Fine Art, Future Design and Digital Arts & Design students. Among them is MA Future Design student Afnan Al Daoud.

Afnan, 30, who is originally from Jordan, said: 'I wanted to study at Teesside as the MA course prepares creative individuals for professional practice and the development of new business ideas.'

Having completed a graphic design degree in Coventry around nine years ago, Afnan chose Teesside to return to education due to its 'location and great courses.'

She said: 'As a housewife and mother of a three-year old son, Teesside University has enabled me to develop and accomplish my dream of gaining a postgraduate degree, as well as being part of a constructive, informative and challenging learning journey.'

Students’ work featured in MAnifesto includes proposals, prototypes, campaigns, installations, visualisations and publications addressing environmental, social and ethical issues.

MAnifesto can be seen at the University’s Athena Building, Southfield Road, Middlesbrough, on September 19, 20, 23, 24 and 25, from 10.00am to 4.00pm.

Afnan said of her exhibition work, Pattern, Print and Paper: 'It involves a collection of Islamic designs and patterns, inspired by the traditional, geometric designs of the Ben Youssef Medresa, which was an ancient college in Marrakech, Morocco.

'The patterns are used across a wide variety of printed materials, which include 3D paper and silkscreened pieces which are also implemented for digital platforms.'

She added: 'What I’ve enjoyed most about Teesside University is the learning opportunities it offers to students and the way students are able to structure their own learning methods and goals. I’ve also enjoyed the encouragement of developing enterprise potential, along with the group discussions and tutorials.

'The staff are really supportive and the facilities are great, especially the Library and the printing facilities at the University, such as screen printing, digital printing and availability of digital equipment.'

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