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Teesside University demonstrates commitment to student mental health

28 July 2021


Teesside University has signed up to the University Mental Health Charter Programme, an initiative designed to make mental health and wellbeing a university-wide priority.

The University Mental Health Charter Programme was created by Student Minds, in partnership with leading higher education bodies and thousands of staff and students, to share practice and create cultural change.

The Charter Programme, provides a set of evidence-informed principles to support universities across the UK in making mental health a university-wide priority.

Teesside University is one of 32 universities across the country which have signed up to the programme which includes eighteen themes, each with a set of principles of good practice that universities can work towards to achieve a holistic, whole-university approach to mental health.

The themes cover a broad range of university activity that can have a significant impact on mental health and wellbeing and have been organised into five sections under the headings: learn, support, work, live and enabling themes.

The principles support a university approach which must be adequately resourced, effective and include accessible mental health services and proactive interventions.

Professor Paul Croney, Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive of Teesside University, said: “I am delighted to support Teesside University’s membership of the University Mental Health Charter and to set out our commitment to adopting a whole University approach to mental health and wellbeing.

“The global pandemic has undoubtedly had an impact on mental health, and it is more important than ever for us to ensure we are able to support our students.

“We have already undertaken considerable work to strengthen our mental health provision, with investment in our student support services and adoption of virtual provision.

“The University Mental Health Charter will give us a framework for further self-assessment and action planning, assisting us to adopt a more holistic approach to supporting mental health and wellbeing for everyone across our University community.”

Rosie Tressler OBE, CEO of Student Minds said: “Even before the pandemic, universities were facing increasing reports of poor student and staff mental health. The last year has highlighted even more the need for a renewed focus and investment in the mental health and wellbeing of our university communities. Now is the time for the universities to come together as part of a collaborative effort to enact long-term, strategic change.

“We are inspired by the number of universities that have committed to coming together as part of the University Mental Health Charter Programme to ensure improved and more equal mental health and wellbeing outcomes for the whole university community. Creating a higher standard of mental health support across the whole higher education sector. Together, we can create a future in which everyone in higher education can thrive."

Michelle Donelan, Universities Minister said: “The past year and a half has been an unprecedently difficult time for students and staff, and I am personally committed to ensuring they receive the consistent, effective mental health support they deserve.

“This is why I strongly support the University Mental Health Charter, which aims to drive up standards in promoting student and staff mental health and wellbeing on campuses across the country. I thank all those providers who have already signed up to the Charter Programme. I hope all universities will work towards the principles of good practice set out in the Charter, as part of their whole university approach to mental health and that all universities will apply for the Programme in the coming years.”

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