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e-Business at the University of Teesside

06 August 2001


The University of Teesside launches a new BA (Hons) e-Business degree this Autumn, which combines Internet orientated technology with traditional business disciplines, with graduates well-positioned to play a technical and management role in the emerging technologies of the Internet and Intranet. These technologies are being harnessed by businesses to increase profitability, improve market share, enhance customer service and deliver products faster.

Glyn Davis, Programme Leader for the three year full-time BA (Hons) e-Business said: "Young and established businesses are looking for e-literate employees to help them embrace and utilise new technology to maximise a company's profit margins and improve competitiveness. It's essential that students have an understanding of the way this new technology is used within business."

The e-Business degree combines business knowledge and understanding with theoretical and practical technology skills. On the first year students will be introduced to the core business knowledge and skills and will develop an additional understanding of how technology can be used in the functional areas of business. In the second year students will develop knowledge and skills in modules including e-business, e-commerce and e-marketing. In the final year students will develop a strategic understanding of the role of e-business at a management level. Students will choose options which cater to their strengths in areas including Marketing, Design, Media, Human Resource Management and Programming.

For more details on the BA (Hons) e-Business degree please call 01642 342807, or check the University of Teesside’s web site at

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