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iChair - artificial intelligence based healthcare system for elderly people

iChair - artificial intelligence based healthcare system for elderly people

There are 30 million families needing home care for elderly family members and the gap of living conditions between disabled persons and others is increasing. The increased economic and social pressures on families and caregivers caused by the rapid increase in elderly population are adversely affecting the healthcare system and economy.

This industrial research project aims to develop and demonstrate a cost-effective wheelchair connectivity and remote monitoring technology iChair which significantly increases user independence and freedom while providing caregivers peace of mind and convenience.

Various sensors, including wireless location, will be used to continuously collect physiological and behavioural data, such as heart rate and blood pressure, in real time. The comprehensive data will be analysed using artificial intelligence, machine learning and emotional computing to provide recommendations, guidance and advice to the user or the carer.

Sensor data will be sent to a cloud server, where the raw data is extracted, transformed and loaded to cloud storage. Software will be developed to analyse the data within the cloud, using AI algorithms to generate performance and comparison metrics through real-time report generation for users.

By utilising patient data gathered and analysed through the cloud, the primary carer need not be present, saving caregivers' time and expense, and reducing medical intervention and trips to the hospital for the patient.

In the long-term this will reduce and/or delay the need for the elderly to go into care homes. Users improve and maintain their independence, functional capacity and health status as well as preserving physical, cognitive, mental and social well-being.