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"Love your Library” – February 2024

14 March 2024


Student & Library Services ran a feedback campaign for a week in February, to wrap around Valentine’s Day. “Love your Library” asked you to write us a love letter (or a break-up letter!) to tell us what you love (or don’t love!) about our Library. The campaign was promoted through the Student Life social media channels and through interactions with our team.

Thanks for your feedback! We received 175 responses, with the large majority being love letters – positive messages about our services.

The themes of your love letters expressed positive messages about our staff team and how comfortable and calm the library environment is.

Management responses below:

• It’s very pleasing to see that the most positive messages have been about interactions with our helpful and friendly staff team. Our team work hard to ensure your needs are met and we do our best to ensure you get the best possible service.

• We are very pleased to see positive comments about the library environment being conducive to learning and calm. We’ve recently invested over £1m in a refurbishment of our Ground Floor and continue to update and improve the learning environment.

• We’re pleased to be able to continue offering 24/7 opening, which has always been very popular and well-received by students.

• Our new catering outlet, The Food Quarter, is proving to be amazingly popular.

Your break-up letters were themed around the lack of access to water, noise/anti-social behaviour and cleanliness of the Library.

Management responses below:

• Following the refurbishment of our Ground Floor last Autumn, water fountains were an outstanding item from the works. There were some technical issues getting these installed, but we’re pleased to be able to report that we have now have 2 x water fountains, one each on Ground and First floor.

• We continue to challenge students who disrespect the Library learning environment and will address unacceptable behaviour with a zero-tolerance approach. For info, we have ejected 23 students from the Library during this academic year so far for unacceptable behaviour. In December, as part of handling a particularly challenging incident, 9 students were barred for 3 weeks and escalated to the Student Casework Officer who carried out an investigation under the Student Disciplinary Regulations. We would remind all students to respect the Library learning environment and your fellow students.

• We continue to work with our University Cleaning team to keep on top of the cleanliness in the Library, but we need you to help with this by ensuring you keep the environment clean – dispose of any litter in the bins provided and leave the area you’ve been working in clean when you leave.

Thanks for letting us know what you think, your feedback is important to us and helps us to improve our services and ensure what we’re delivering matches your needs.

You can send us general feedback or comments on our services at any time via our Student Voice webpage via the link below.

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