Secretariat, External Review and Audit

The Secretariat, External Review and Audit (SERA) team within Academic Registry is responsible for the oversight, management and professional secretarial support to the University’s Academic Board and sub-committee structure. SERA facilitates effective and timely debate and agreement on academic quality, policy, regulation and procedure, informed by internal and external drivers, such as Teesside 2020 and government policy. This supports the delivery of the student learning experience on and off campus.

SERA also provides a key external function for the University. The team builds and maintains links with external audit and review bodies, ensuring the University is kept abreast of emerging developments at a national level. This currently includes the Teaching Excellence Framework and Subject TEF (currently being piloted). SERA leads on major University-wide academic quality-related audit and review activities. The team works closely with Schools (and partners, as appropriate) to support interactions with professional, statutory and regulatory bodies, and other agencies such as Pearson.

SERA maintains oversight of the currency and renewal points for academic quality policy and procedure. This includes the regular review and updating of policies and guidance such as the University’s Assessment and Feedback Policy and the Recognition of Prior Learning Policy. The team also manages and reviews the University’s process for Continuous Monitoring & Enhancement, and External Examining. SERA also supports the development and enhancement of the University’s assessment regulations.

Alongside the Quality and Standards team, Academic Registry, SERA supports the management, updating, dissemination and implementation of the University’s quality processes and regulatory framework, including the Quality Handbook. The team also works closely with the Learning and Teaching Enhancement team, Academic Registry, to support the delivery and development of learning and teaching agenda/strategy committee processes and staff development activities.