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Team Teesside

Team Teesside means feeling supported by colleagues that care and ask if you’re okay and really mean it, and inspirational provision for local students who never thought they’d get to go to university.

Helen Kirk, PhD student , School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Law

As a new member of staff, Team Teesside is a supportive and encouraging place to work, a place where you are welcomed and valued.

Lisa Bone, Higher Degree Apprenticeship Workplace Assessor, ACA

To me, Team Teesside means family. In my 12 years here, from my car journey to work and the walk up to my office, every passing colleague feels like family - from distant relatives to close siblings. Every member of Team Teesside to me is reflective of family and the values we live and breathe reflect this.

Gary Singh, Deputy Director of Legal and Governance Services, Legal & Governance Services

There is a sense of belonging as a member of Team Teesside. Together, the team accomplishes its goals, celebrates success, and overcomes challenges.

Dr Xihui Chen , Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance, Teesside University International Business School

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