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Team Teesside

What does Team Teesside mean to you?

Team Teesside means something different to all of us, and here are some examples of words colleagues have used to describe what it means to them.

Special, Proud, Diverse, Collaborative, Positive, Social, Impactful, Happy, Responsive, Team work, Committed

Why not drop us a line and tell us what Team Teesside means to you?

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Putting our students first at Summer Graduation

Thousands of graduates celebrated their academic achievements at Summer Graduation 2022. The ceremonies were extremely successful, thanks to a remarkable team effort that exemplified our Team Teesside ethos.

To recognise this, we have produced a short video montage to celebrate you - the incredibly diverse, talented, and supportive people who always put our students first.

We hope you enjoy watching the video and spotting friends, colleagues and possibly even yourself, and that you feel inspired by what we achieved by working together.

The brilliance of Team Teesside is how it empowers people to believe they can make a difference. By encouraging self-development and continuous growth, it has enhanced my confidence and helped me translate my social-conscience into actions to the community.

Leanne Graham , Partnership Manager, Student Learning & Academic Registry

Team Teesside to me encompasses collaborative thinking and working. We've achieved so much already and it's exciting to see where we will go next.

Charlotte Murray, Project Coordinator (North East Uni Connect Programme), Student Recruitment & Marketing

Team Teesside is a passion, it's more than just phrase, Embedded deep within it's a culture each of us portrays, We all support each other to achieve our very best, With innovation and communication the key to our success, We may be small, but mighty. We inspire, and we have spirit, I'm proud to be Team Teesside and so is everyone who's in it.

Jessica Doyle, Senior Sport Assistant , Teesside Sport

I feel privileged to be a part of Team Teesside because it's a community like no other. You are working collectively to achieve a common goal which makes your work truly valued. There’s a sense of pride and belonging that comes with being part of Team Teesside.

Demi Falshaw, Student Adviser (Mental Health and Autism), Student & Library Services

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