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Team Teesside

How Team Teesside delivers

Working together as Team Teesside, we achieve our shared goals by demonstrating our seven core values and behaviours in everything that we do.

Here are some examples of how and why Team Teesside delivers.

We always do our best

We accept challenges and find solutions

We think differently

We choose to be creative, act smarter, and achieve better results.

Dr Samantha Gooneratne was nominated for a Team Teesside Star Award 2020-2021 (Innovation, Enterprise, and Engagement category).

Dr Samantha Gooneratne was nominated for a Team Teesside Star Award 2020-2021

Sam's innovations using Microsoft Teams during the pandemic helped the engineering department push boundaries and be creative in the delivery of our learning and teaching, as well in our marketing and recruitment campaigns which would have been otherwise rather complicated under COVID-19 restrictions.

We are all equal

We are open and honest

We safeguard our University and prioritise our students

We lead by example

To me, Team Teesside means family. In my 12 years here, from my car journey to work and the walk up to my office, every passing colleague feels like family - from distant relatives to close siblings. Every member of Team Teesside to me is reflective of family and the values we live and breathe reflect this.

Gary Singh, Deputy Director of Legal and Governance Services, Legal & Governance Services

I’ve worked at Teesside for 13 years, and the University has evolved into an innovative and prestigious campus which I’m proud to be part of. The University has given me lots of opportunities to progress within my career and I’m proud to be part of Team Teesside.

Ashleigh Ward, UK Admissions Administrator, Student Recruitment & Marketing

Team Teesside means working together to achieve the best results no matter your role, and supporting each other through the highs and lows.

Danny Mawle, Information Analysis Administrator, Finance & Commercial Development

Team Teesside is a passion, it's more than just phrase, Embedded deep within it's a culture each of us portrays, We all support each other to achieve our very best, With innovation and communication the key to our success, We may be small, but mighty. We inspire, and we have spirit, I'm proud to be Team Teesside and so is everyone who's in it.

Jessica Doyle, Senior Sport Assistant , Teesside Sport

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