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Team Teesside

Celebrating our successes

Our Team Teesside colleagues and students regularly receive national and international recognition for their outstanding talent, hard work and achievements in their chosen fields and the wider community.

As a new member of staff, Team Teesside is a supportive and encouraging place to work, a place where you are welcomed and valued.

Lisa Bone, Higher Degree Apprenticeship Workplace Assessor, ACA

Team Teesside is a passion, it's more than just phrase, Embedded deep within it's a culture each of us portrays, We all support each other to achieve our very best, With innovation and communication the key to our success, We may be small, but mighty. We inspire, and we have spirit, I'm proud to be Team Teesside and so is everyone who's in it.

Jessica Doyle, Senior Sport Assistant , Teesside Sport

I am fiercely proud to have gained all my academic and professional accolades at Teesside University.

Pete Brown, Course Leader/Senior Lecturer, Operating Department Practice Studies, School of Health & Life Sciences

Team Teesside is about working together to provide the best for our current and prospective students, to give them an experience they will always remember. It's also about colleagues and creating an enjoyable workplace. It's making Teesside the best place it can be. It's about achieving and celebrating success.

Cassie Lillystone, Technician Analyst, Information Technology & Digital Services

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