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Apprentice case studies


Max Brindley Waterman Aspen


My name is Max Brindley and I work as a Design Technician for Waterman Aspen.

I’m currently in the last year of my Civil Engineering Degree Apprenticeship at Teesside University.

For the last three years I’ve been working with Sunderland City Council in the Highways and Transportation team.

Work can vary day to day, but I normally have some involvement in the highway design aspect of a project typically using Autocad Civil 3D. More recently I’ve been involved in preparing reports, and certain project management documents, this has definitely been a big help with some of the management attributes of the apprenticeship.

During the apprenticeship you pick up so many new skills, both at work and at university but I’d say my top three so far are:

  • time management – both with my assignment and the projects that I’ve been doing at work.
  • resource planning –using people’s individual strengths to benefit a project.
  • knowing how to prepare a certain type of document that’s most appropriate given the audience, which is especially important when you’re working at the Council because you deal a lot with statutory consultees and members of the public.

I’ve absolutely loved being an apprentice with Waterman Aspen. There is a great support system, and everyone is always happy to help each other.

You learn so much throughout the few years that you study. I would recommend this route for anyone who wants to get involved in engineering or even wants to further their knowledge in engineering – it’s definitely something worth doing. And hopefully when I’m finished I can give back to the new apprentices coming through and help the as well.