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Parents and carers

Countdown to starting university

Starting university life

You've helped your young person choose the university they want to go to and the course they want to study. You've given them ideas for their personal statement, guided them through their UCAS application, secured their finances and found them somewhere to live.

Countdown to starting university

Thought that was everything? Not quite...

Here is a list of things to consider before your young person starts university.


If your young person is bringing valuable items such as computer equipment, they are strongly advised to get appropriate insurance. Most universities and private landlords only have insurance for the building and its contents, not personal possessions.

TV licence

Your young person will need their own TV licence in most situations - although they may only need one for the house rather than each individual. It depends on whether they have a separate or joint tenancy agreement.

Registering with a doctor

Make sure your young person registers with a doctor before they arrive. This also reassures you that they have access to medical attention if they become unwell.

Monthly budget

Managing a student loan isn't easy. Consider sitting down with your young person to work out how they will cover their living expenses once they've paid essentials like rent and utilities. Check out apps such as Unidays and Student Beans that offer discounts and incentives across a range of shops and catering outlets.


Encourage your young person to take our interactive quiz to find out if they're a spender or a saver.
Take the quiz

Support with planning of monthly finances with our budgeting planner.

Download our budgeting planner

Teesside University students can access Blackbullion, which gives independent advice on the financial reality of university life including top tips on budgeting and managing money. A really helpful tool for your young person.

Find out more here

Student bank account

Each bank has different rates and incentives for students opening a student bank account. Shop around with your young person to get the best offers. Bear in mind that they need to open an account before they apply for their student loan, so they have somewhere for the money to go.

Living items

Your young person needs to bring items that aren't included in their rent - kitchen utensils and bedding need to be bought beforehand. Some universities sell kitchen and bedding bundles that you can order ready for when you arrive.

Part-time jobs

Most universities offer part-time work opportunities for students. These are normally advertised in the Students' Union. Student ambassador schemes are another great way for your young person to earn money, fitting in a job around their studies and getting transferable skills to include in their CV. You can find details of Teesside University's student ambassador scheme here.

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